Të gjithë e keni kaluar eksperiencën e lojës kukafshehti (hapa dollapa) kur keni qenë fëmijë. Të gjtihë mbani mend lojën gazmore, kur me vrap rendnit të gjenit nga një cep për t’u fshehur, në një kohë që një prej të afërmve tuaj mbante….

Por edhe sot në kohën e modernizmit, loja është po ajo dhe instiktet e fëmijëve po të njejtat.

Shikoni se ku fshihen këta fëmijë… duke luajtur kukafshehti në shtëpi.

Fotot janë bërë nga prindërit e tyre, të cilët i kanë hedhur mandej këto momente gazmore në rrjetet sociale.

Shikoni fotot:

A parent walked into the kitchen during a game of hide and seek and found a giveaway pair of legs poking out of the cupboard
A young girl went to great lengths to hid herself in a cupboard behind rows and rows of books and must have taken some time to find
This three-year-old son had the right idea but was unfortunately too long to hide underneath a TV cabinet
This boy stayed perfectly still under a sheepskin rug on the floor but was quickly found by his parents
A toddler hid behind a cot and tried to blend in with her toys using a brightly-coloured blanket
A father posted on Imgur: 'This is where my son decided to hide for hide and seek' showing the one flaw in the tot's plan
A young child found a sneak hiding place behind a tree - but was caught by the sun casting a shadow 
A mother posted this snap of her children hiding in plain sight but she was on to them quickly
An Imgur user posted his son 'thinks I can't see him' behind this pole in the garden in an amusing snap
One boy chose not to hide under the bed, instead he grabbed a pink throw and covered his head
A young boy grabbed a pillow case to hide his face during a game of hide and seek but didn't realise the rest of him was on view
A one-year-old hides behind a sofa and tried to cover himself with a blanket but his legs were on show
Using a rug to cover up, this child was found quickly by the front door using what appears to be a dog bed
A mother posted this snap on Imgur with her sons hiding with the caption: 'Boys and their infinite toddler wisdom hiding from Mommy'
A Reddit user posted their son was trying to hide in the sofa but his feet were a quick give away. Research has found children believe they can't be seen if their eyes are covered
An inventive child grabbed a huge crocodile toy to hide in their bedroom but managed to draw more attention to themselves
A young girl managed to get into a tight spot behind the toilet and her parent posted: 'My daughter is also going pro at hide and seek'


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